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Different Kinds of Heavy Goods Vehicles Used For Transportation

Transposition is a big industry. From small, medium to big business firms all need the road freight service at some point of the time or the other. As many companies are offering freight forwarding services, hiring one might look like an easy job. But that is not so. Though you have many options to choose from if you want to get top-notch 24/7 freight transport services in London, then hiring professionals should be your top priority.

When looking for a company which offers logistics service, the first thing that you need to check is what kinds of trucks they use. This will help you in selecting the right service provider. As there are many different kinds of heavy goods vehicles which are used in the transportation industry, having a piece of good knowledge about it is important. So let’s have a look to get a clear idea.

Types Of Heavy Motor Vehicles Used In Road Freight

  • Refrigerated Truck: Goods such as eggs, milk, medicines, edibles, etc. are transported through the refrigerated trucks because they have refrigerator facilities. So if you need to transport the products which are prone to destruction then you can use refrigerated trucks.
    Flat Beds: This is a kind of special vehicle which is designed and manufactured for loading pipes and woods. It just has a cabin for the drivers, with a flat body. There is no roof and sides around the bed. As they are long and open from all sides, loading and unloading of the products become easy. You can easily transport goods which won’t get damaged on the rough roads or bad weather. There are some reputed companies which have this kind of truck in stock and offer 24/7 road freight forwarding in London.
  • Box Truck: If you don’t need big heavy vehicles for transporting your home furniture, then you can use a box truck. This is a kind of commercial truck in which the cab and cargo space is separated. Such kinds of vehicles are mainly used by those companies who offer removal services.
  • Lift-gate Trucks: Different kinds of lift-gate trucks are used by the companies as per the client’s needs and requirements. This can be conventional lift-gate trucks, cantilever lift-gate, truck away or truck under lift-gate, rail-gate, side loader and pickup lift-gate. The lift-gate trucks are easy to use and each has its specific use. These kinds of heavy vehicles are equipped with a hydraulic or electric piece of equipment which is used to lift the products from the grounds.
  • Semi Trailer Truck: The trucks have open edge roofs that are used for carrying heavy or bulk products. The manufacturers use such kinds of vehicles for carrying finished products and raw materials. As there are different types of semi-trailers which are available and used by the people. You must also select the one depending on your products.
  • Jumbo Trailer Truck: It can carry more load than a semi-trailer truck and are used in the automobile industry, the insulation industry, food industry and packing industry.

You should pick the best company for logistic service which specialises in offering great service and is ready to help the clients during an emergency.

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