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How to Select The Perfect Shipping Container?

If you have to transport some important goods and you need same day service then the task of hiring the best logistic company can be a bit stressful one. As there are many companies which are offering the kind of service which you are looking for, you will hardly find someone giving you a warranty for the service. So at the time of looking for professionals who are ready to offer you same-day shipping container delivery in London, there are a few important things that you need to keep note of.

It has been seen that when people need goods transportation services in an emergency, they make some biggest mistakes. As they are in a hurry they forget to check about the reputation of the company. They even don’t ask them whether they are insured and certified to perform the duty or not. Failing to ask about the warranty is another big mistake that they make and select the perfect shipping container for the safe transportation of their goods. So whether you are in a hurry to ship your products to their destination or not, you must not make any such mistakes. It is always a better idea to get the details of a highly reputed logistics company so that even if you need an emergency shipping service, you don’t have to waste your valuable time. You must try and hire professionals who offer 24/7 container transport services in London.

Different Types of Containers

Now the most important thing that you need to do is select the containers. Whether you should choose large steel boxes to carry the products or a medium one will solve the purpose is a big issue. If you have never shipped the products earlier and are doing it for the first time then you might find it difficult to make the right selection. As there are different kinds of containers then getting some good ideas about those will help you out.

  • If your products need some special care, space and height then you can opt for high cube containers. It comes in two different sizes, 40 feet and 45 feet. They have a good loading capacity. It is highly suited for short sea shipping.
  • You can choose standard containers for same-day shipping container delivery in London. These kinds of containers are designed to carry almost all kinds of goods. It helps in keeping the moisture out and is highly suitable for dry solid products. The size of the container is 8 feet high and 8 feet wide. It also comes in two different lengths which are 20 feet and 40 feet.
  • For tall and heavy good people mainly use open-top containers. This kind of container is lifted by using a crane and it is covered with a tarpaulin.

The other kind of containers that you can use for shipping your goods is flexitank, hardtop containers, ventilated containers, tank containers, reefer containers, flat rack containers, etc.

The experts of Prilam Group Ltd are always ready to offer you the best transportation service in London. You can easily connect with us and discuss your requirements. If you need same-day shipping container delivery in London, we are always ready to help you professionally. So what are you waiting for? Give us a call and we will make sure that you have a much better result than you are expecting.

Different Kinds of Heavy Goods Vehicles Used For Transportation

Transposition is a big industry. From small, medium to big business firms all need the road freight service at some point of the time or the other. As many companies are offering freight forwarding services, hiring one might look like an easy job. But that is not so. Though you have many options to choose from if you want to get top-notch 24/7 freight transport services in London, then hiring professionals should be your top priority.

When looking for a company which offers logistics service, the first thing that you need to check is what kinds of trucks they use. This will help you in selecting the right service provider. As there are many different kinds of heavy goods vehicles which are used in the transportation industry, having a piece of good knowledge about it is important. So let’s have a look to get a clear idea.

Types Of Heavy Motor Vehicles Used In Road Freight

  • Refrigerated Truck: Goods such as eggs, milk, medicines, edibles, etc. are transported through the refrigerated trucks because they have refrigerator facilities. So if you need to transport the products which are prone to destruction then you can use refrigerated trucks.
    Flat Beds: This is a kind of special vehicle which is designed and manufactured for loading pipes and woods. It just has a cabin for the drivers, with a flat body. There is no roof and sides around the bed. As they are long and open from all sides, loading and unloading of the products become easy. You can easily transport goods which won’t get damaged on the rough roads or bad weather. There are some reputed companies which have this kind of truck in stock and offer 24/7 road freight forwarding in London.
  • Box Truck: If you don’t need big heavy vehicles for transporting your home furniture, then you can use a box truck. This is a kind of commercial truck in which the cab and cargo space is separated. Such kinds of vehicles are mainly used by those companies who offer removal services.
  • Lift-gate Trucks: Different kinds of lift-gate trucks are used by the companies as per the client’s needs and requirements. This can be conventional lift-gate trucks, cantilever lift-gate, truck away or truck under lift-gate, rail-gate, side loader and pickup lift-gate. The lift-gate trucks are easy to use and each has its specific use. These kinds of heavy vehicles are equipped with a hydraulic or electric piece of equipment which is used to lift the products from the grounds.
  • Semi Trailer Truck: The trucks have open edge roofs that are used for carrying heavy or bulk products. The manufacturers use such kinds of vehicles for carrying finished products and raw materials. As there are different types of semi-trailers which are available and used by the people. You must also select the one depending on your products.
  • Jumbo Trailer Truck: It can carry more load than a semi-trailer truck and are used in the automobile industry, the insulation industry, food industry and packing industry.

You should pick the best company for logistic service which specialises in offering great service and is ready to help the clients during an emergency.

So if you are looking for reliable 24/7 freight transport services in London, then you have come to the right destination. At Prilam Group Ltd, we have professionally trained and experienced team members who have great skills to offer a high class of logistics service. We can safely manage any kind of transportation job. As our experts are in the industry for years you can be sure that your goods will reach your destination on time. Exceeding the client’s expectations is our top priority and we have always been successful in doing so without any problem. Give us a call to know more about our service and how we can help you.

How COVID-19 Made Cold Chain Trends More Transformative Than Ever?

According to a survey it has been found that due to COVID-19 the small, medium and big business entrepreneurs have adopted digital technologies at a faster speed than previously. The cold chain industry has managed to serve the different companies and it will continue to progress in the coming days. It serves the most vital purpose which is keeping the fruits, vegetables and food fresh for a long duration of time. Depending on the different kinds of products, the temperature is controlled. The business owners do look for the best cold chain logistics solutions in London and most of them are successful in finding a reliable service provider.

During the pandemic with which people are still fighting even today, there has been a massive change in the cold chains trends. It had created an immense amount of pressure on the cold chain industry to adopt and act fast. While it won’t be wrong to say that the pandemic has created many growth opportunities within this industry, things still need to be managed safely. The demand for cold chain outsourcing has increased at a faster speed which has created job opportunities for the people.

The Key Cold Chain Trends

People always want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. While most of them failed to do so earlier. But after the pandemic situation, they have started doing so. Eating fresh and healthy food which is good for their appetite is what they have been doing. This has increased the demand for special foods.

  • The grocery stores, hotels and restaurants are also making the best efforts to serve the customers with the food of their choice. They make sure to use the right ingredients and fresh items for preparing the dishes. All this has created the demand for the right service provider who can offer great London Ghana cold chain logistics solutions.
  • The people who offer cold chain logistics solutions make sure that perishable products are safe for the people during consumption. the issue can arise if you fail to keep the foods at the right temperature. This can result in bruising, textural degradation, discolouring, and microbial growth.
  • The experts can easily help you to preserve food quality. Whether you are a wholesaler, distributor or just running a simple business which is dealing in perishable commodities you can only trust the professionals who specialise in offering cold chain solutions in London. They can easily transport the products from one place to another, within the city or even outside the country safely. They can also provide you guarantee for maintaining the quality and integrity of the products.

You don’t have to worry about anything when the experts of Prilam Group Ltd are there by your side. We are in the industry for years and have always offered the best cold chain logistics solutions in London to clients. We closely work with them to understand their needs and accordingly help them professionally and efficiently. To know more about our team, working process, etc. you can easily book an appointment with us. We will provide you with all the details to clear your doubts so that you can easily make the best possible decision. Just call us and see what we can.

How Do Cold Chain Logistics Providers Manage Item Storage Skillfully?

To supply and transport items that need to be stored in sub-zero temperature, you will need to get a cold chain logistics service provider on your team. But if you are wondering how the providers manage the storage and delivery of the items efficiently, you will need to go through the points that we have discussed here. After that, you can choose the right provider if you are in London.

Now, let us take a look at how the providers handle your items with care.

  • Check the Specification of the Items 

Firstly, the providers of the cold chain logistics solutions in London will check the temperature requirements of your items so that they can store them properly before they can deliver them to your preferred location.

Every item will have a different requirement. So, they will go through the provided documentation and regulate the temperature in their warehouse as well as transport trucks to make sure that the items are properly preserved.

  • Check the Packaging of the Items

The professionals from the logistics company will check the packaging of the items before they transport them. This is important because if they are not packed properly, they can get damaged even when they are stored. Therefore, if the packaging of the items is not up to the mark, the providers inform the clients about the same so that they can be packed again before they can be transported.

  • Load and Unload The Items Carefully

All reputable London cold chain logistics companies load the items in the transport trucks carefully to avoid damages. They also unload them with care. For this, however, they use state-of-the-art equipment. So, if you are planning to deliver items that will be stored cold before they can be delivered to retail chains, make sure you choose companies that have the necessary resources to handle your goods efficiently.

  • Carry Out Regular Maintenance of the Trucks and Warehouses

To preserve the items properly, the logistics providers perform regular inspections and maintenance of the trucks and warehouses.

The professionals employed in these companies check if the temperature control units are working efficiently. With that, they will also check whether the trucks are in the best condition. Otherwise, if they break down in the middle of the road, the goods cannot be sent on time and the delay can even cause damage to the goods.

  • Place the Items in Places For Easy Access

All trusted logistics service providers in London place the items in their warehouses in such a way that they can be easily accessed. Otherwise, loading and unloading them on the trucks will become inconvenient. Moreover, since there are other items too, the providers always store the items in a planned manner.

  • Maintain and Update Records of the Items from Time to Time

The cold chain logistic service providers always maintain and update records of all the items that are stored and will be out for delivery. This helps keep them safe and prevent thefts or delays in delivering them to their destination.

These are a few ways how logistics providers store all items in their temperature-controlled facilities or transport vehicles.

Hire the Most Reliable Cold Chain Logistics Company

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