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Ghana London Sea Freight Services

International Sea Freight Shipping Ghana to London

As a reputed logistics solutions provider, we at Prilam Group Ltd provide international sea freight shipping from Ghana to London to meet your commercial or personal needs. We have some of the best freight forwarders in our team to complete the delivery of your goods on time. Also, we keep your goods safe by following the recommended safety practices during transport. Besides, we offer flexible price packages to make it easier for you to choose the service that best meets your requirements.

To save time, you can schedule a pick-up of the package from your Ghana location. Our professionals will reach your place and inspect them before carrying them off to the port. There, the inspectors will carry out a comprehensive inspection before loading them to the cargo ships which will be heading to London.

Sea Freight Services Ghana to London

24/7 Sea Freight Services from Ghana to London

At Prilam Group Ltd, we offer 24/7 sea freight services from Ghana to London for your convenience. Thus, you can schedule the pick-up and delivery of your goods at any time of the day. Also, since we are always active, you will get updates regarding your package round the clock.

Sending goods through the sea route is a bit time-taking, but you can count on us when it comes to the safety and security of your items since we supervise the entire transport and use industry-standard containers for your goods. On top of that, the professionals managing the goods are experienced and always vigilant. So, the chance of damages, theft, etc. to your goods is zero.

We will also manage the paperwork while sending your package(s) from Ghana to London. Besides, the professionals will adhere to the rules set out by the customs department. This helps avert the hassles during the shipment of the goods.

Why Choose Our Ghana to London Sea Freight Shipping Service?

Choose our Ghana to London sea freight shipping service since
  • We manage your goods efficiently during transport through the sea route
  • We use secured containers to transport your goods to London
  • We inspect all containers from time to time to ensure all goods are safe
  • We adhere to the transport regulations and cooperate with the customs department
  • We provide 24/7 sea freight shipping support
If you want to know more about the pricing, prerequisites and the goods you can deliver through us, connect with us now.
International Sea Freight Shipping Ghana to London

Most Reliable Sea Freight Shipping Services

At Prilam Group Ltd, we provide sea freight shipping solutions from Ghana to London. If you have queries regarding the same, call or send us an email now. But if you want a shipping estimate, visit our website and click the ‘Get a Quote’ button.